It feels like a lifetime ago but back in the 80’s I was asked to write a dissertation about the workings of the Magistrates Court. I was living in Bristol at the time and outside Bristol Mags someone had sprayed on the wall ‘Justice Sucks’.

With the source properly attributed that was how I ended my dissertation and I still remember the comment: “Good eye for graffiti, less so for the workings of the Magistrates Court

So here we are several decades later and I am still in admiration of the pieces which artists are creating all over the country. It is all in the eye of the beholder but to me this is art, it is protest, it is a celebration of community and a statement of expression.

In my own small way this largely pictorial website is my attempt to document, share and hopefully gain greater exposure for some of these amazing pieces. As you will probably work out for yourself I am not a professional photographer but this won't just be a 'simple' documentation of the art this will also be my attempt :) to take interesting pictures (sometimes with different edits) that showcase this work in the best way possible particularly given that much of this work is transient in nature or captures a moment in time.

I hope you enjoy!


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